Wine Wednesdays at Wine Mouth

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Wine Mouth's weekly themed tasting brings you on an exploratory journey through a curated selection of 3 wines. Gather up a group of 5 friends to enjoy the session! Price is for a table of 5 pax. Participants will also be entitled to a 10% discount on same-day wine purchases. 

In order to maintain proper safe distancing, we are restricting each session to 2 x tables of 5 pax and 90 minutes in duration. 

All participants must be fully vaccinated.

*Light snacks will be provided during the session but participants may also order food into the venue.

Weekly Descriptions: 

  • 29 Sept, Under the Tuscan Sun: Missing summer in Italy? Do like us and live vicariously through vino as we go through a sunny selection of wines from Tuscany.
  • 6 Oct, 50 Shades of Gris: Pinot Gris? Pinot Grigio? Grauburgunder? Prepare your safe word and join us for a sensual tasting of 3 very different Pinot Gris made in a variety of styles to showcase the grape variety's diversity.
  • 13 Oct, Chenin, Chenin, Chenin!Join us for a blind tasting of a varied selection of Chenin Blancs from three different wine regions and have a go at guessing which country they are from!
  • 20 Oct, Oktoberfest: Brush up on your German natural wine knowledge with a rousing tasting of 3 German Naturwein and get insight to the country's nascent natural wine scene.
  • 27 Oct, Gettin' Savvy with Savvy B: Think you know Sauvignon Blanc? Think again! Join us for an enlightening tasting of 3 very different Sauvignon Blancs made in a variety of styles to showcase the grape's diversity.
  • 3 Nov, Bubble Bonanza: If you're like us and love anything with bubbles, this is definitely a tasting not to be missed. We'll go through the various methods of sparkling wine production and taste 3 different bubblies.
  • 10 Nov, Old World or New World: Join us for a blind tasting of 3 wines of the same grape variety and have a go at guessing which ones from the Old World and which ones are from the New World!
  • 17 Nov, Elegant NaturalsWho says all natural wines are funky? Join us for a curated tasting of a gorgeous selection of Elegant Natural wines. 
  • 24 Nov, Hurrah for Syrah!: Join us as we take a deep dive into this beloved dark-skinned grape varietal and try 3 different Syrah/Shiraz wines from across the globe and various terrors, showcasing its diversity.
  • 1 Dec, The Lure of Loire: Join us as we go through a tasting of 3 wines showcasing lesser-known indigenous varieties from the Loire wine region like Romorantin and Pineau d'Aunis.
  • 8 Dec, Age is not just a number: Join us for a fun blind tasting as we go through 3 wines aged in different vessels - fibreglass vat, cement egg, or clay amphora - and have a go at guesssing which wine aged in which!