That Boutique-y Rum Company - Casa Santana 6 Year Old - Batch 2

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500ml 45% ABV

t's the second batch of rum from the team at Casa Santana in Columbia, brought to us by That Boutique-y Rum Company! Combining a blend of multi-column still molasses-based rums from Columbia and the Caribbean, there are heaps of tropical fruit notes to discover in this six year old expression. There's just as much to explore on the label too! For starters there's a big old Andean Condor on the left, which happens to be the national bird of Columbia – holding onto its drink in dismay, whilst an ominous sorceress appears to be acing the game of pontoon. Whether the sorceress's fireball put the condor off, or condors just aren't any good at pontoon we'll probably never know for sure. Bottled up at 45% ABV, this will be superbly versatile whether you're sipping neat, or mixing up some delicious cocktails.

Batch 2 is a release of 220 bottles.