Burja - Bela 2022

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Country: Slovenia

Region: Vipavska Dolina

Varietal: 40% Malvazija, 30% Rebula. 20% Laski Rizling, 10% other varieties

Year: 2022

ABV: 13.5%

Profile: Perfumed, Peachy, Fun

Description: The Lavrenčič family have lived in the Vipava Valley since 1499 and have been making wine for the past three generations. In 2009, Primoz Lavrenčič left to set up Burja. Farmed biodynamically, Burja’s 7 hectares of vineyards are planted on marl and sandstone soils with local grape varieties such as Zelen, Schioppettino, Refosco, Ribolla, Riesling Italic and Franconia. Grapes for Bela are macerated with the skins for 8 days at a low temperature.

Best enjoyed: when brought along to dinner parties to impress your friends with: “Orange Wine? From Slovenia? Whoa so interesting!”

Fun fact: Burja is named after the cold, north-easterly wind that rips through the vineyards at speeds over 200km per hour!