Auntie Cook For You, Come Eat

Always wanted to try an auntie's food with your friends? Say no more!


$50.00 per person



About this experience

Always wanted to try auntie's food with your friends? Say no more, because we got our resident Auntie Doreen to whip up her favourite CNY dishes from 1:30-3:30 on 17th February. Expect tantalising bites to start the day with and a main dish that will make you ask for more! We've also paired two wines with her dishes + a punch bowl for all the guest to enjoy and share a toast together with! CNY is a festive period for friends to enjoy together, so join us as we enjoy each other's company with good food and obviously good wine as well!

Contact us for allergen details in the menu, however, we will not be able to switch up the menu because what auntie cook we eat.