Domaine La Bohème - 'Festejar!' Rosé 2021

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County: France

Region: Auvergne

Varietal: Gamay. Merlot, Syrah

Year: 2021

ABV: 10%

Profile: Bright, Festive, Smashable

One of the most endearing and energetic figures in the natural wine world in France, Patrick Bouju has vines spread out over several communes in Auvergne, the oldest of which are 120 years old. He is a champion of old indigenous grape varietals such as Limberger, Mirefleurien, and multiple varieties of Gamay. This particular Festejar is made with Gamay d’Auvergne from over 115 year old vines but drinks like a 20 year old party reveller!

Best enjoyed: at birthdays, New Years Eve, engagement parties, housewarmings, or any reason for celebration at all!

Tip!: We know this wine is so smashable and you’d probably knock back glasses faster than usual, but let the wine warm up a lil’; the bright cherry notes will evolve into flavours of caramelised strawberries.