Glu Glu Where Are You?

Glu Glu Where Are You?

Nov 17, 2020Stephen Fountain
It’s been just over one year since we thought it might be fun to have a space to learn more about wine, and share some great bottles with old and new friends.

As four old friends who have been separated by continents for years, we had the rare opportunity to meet up not once, but three times in 2019. First, last summer in California where we visited so many great wine bars and wineries, then a few days in checking out Bangkok’s best wine spots, and then finally in Germany where we really got to dig into some great European wines. Each night we’d recap what we loved about each place we visited. That topic started to morph into what it would be like to combine them all into once space. Slowly talk turned into planning, and planning turned into signing and 💥boom💥 Wine Mouth was born.

This week construction starts in the shop, and Wine Mouth is really starting to come to life. Look, we aren’t going to pretend we know it all when it comes to wine, we’re just learning more and more every day as we go along. Wine Mouth is going to be a place for us all to learn more, share more, and hopefully create a few memories along the way. So, as we prep the shop for opening, we’re going to share some of the adventures that brought us to where we are today, and that will continue to guide us to wherever we end up.

XOXO the Wine Mouth fam

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